Wisdom Of Doing Things Wrong

We need to change much of what we do and think. But most change feels “wrong,” so we fall back on old habits and just keep doing what we did. But there is a way to start small and take actions that feel wrong but, in the long run, are right. This book of stories helps the reader to consider new ways of both leading their own life and helping to lead the world toward a new understanding of how to work and to live.


Ron Donovan has written a strange book. It’s not really a memoir and, thankfully, not really a business book (I stopped reading business books years ago). Instead it’s a blend of stories and ideas that moved me in ways I wasn’t prepared for. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes shook my head in disagreement and sometimes I cried. I can tell you that, even if you read only a few chapters, you’ll come away with new ideas about the right way and the wrong way to live and work.

Donovan seems to think there is no separation between someone’s personal life and their work life. Having read his book, I think he’s right. What we carry inside us shows. We can’t pretend who we are at our core doesn’t influence who we are in business.

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